Dance Workshops for Nursery, Primary, Secondary and SEND Schools

Dance Days provide educational dance workshops for nursery, primary, secondary and SEND schools across the UK.

We offer a wide, and growing selection of dance styles that link with your school topics and events.

Depending on your school, we adapt the delivery of our sessions to each key stage and ability level, we also find it important to provide total flexibility with the session delivery and work to your timetable and school day.

Dance Workshops for Nursery Schools (When part of a primary/through school)

EYFS - Dance Workshops for Nursery Schools

Nursery school dance workshops are a great way to start movement coordination, rhythm and of course having a lot of fun dancing to upbeat music and using the props (where applicable)

We deliver these workshops in shorter sessions, we find that anything up to 30 minutes works best and you'll be amazed at what can be absorbed in that time.

Dance Workshops for Infant, Primary and Junior Schools

EYFS - Dance Workshops for Primary SchoolsKS1 - Dance Workshops for Primary SchoolsKS2 - Dance Workshops for Primary Schools

Infant, primary and junior school dance workshops cover a number of key stages, from reception through to year 6 and we have developed our dance workshops to link directly to the curriculum. Take a look at our events calendar to see how we can help build on your school topic.

If your school are hosting a multicultural, international, health or arts day or week you can pick n mix our styles to build your very own unique dance day.

As your pupils key stage increases, so does the duration and pace of the workshop and we start to include some partner work and more choreography, our team will constantly monitor the performance and if they find your pupils need to slow things down, we will tweak the routine and go at their pace.

Dance Workshops for Secondary Schools

KS3 - Dance Workshops for Secondary SchoolsKS4 - Dance Workshops for Secondary Schools

Our secondary school dance workshops continue to increase in choreography complexity and the session duration can go up to an hour. We deliver additional support to school productions or plays if dance numbers and ideas are needed.

Again, our styles link to various schools topics, events and can be used for off timetable days.

Dance Workshops for SEND Schools

All of our dance workshops can be delivered within a special educational needs and disability setting, and our dance team work with the pupils ability and ensure all involved, learn, and feel part of the session.
This could, as an example, include focusing on arm movements if your pupils use wheelchairs or incorporating the chairs in to the movement.

We do ask that if your pupils have certain behavioral challenges, that a member of your teaching team attends the session to manage this.

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