Workshops for School Curriculum Topics and Projects

How can dance and movement link to so many school topics and projects?
Well, we will show you how our educational dance workshops can link to many school curriculum topics and projects throughout the year.

From Celebrations to Continents & Countries or History to Term Topics, take a look at how we can help bring the subject to life, get your pupils moving, enhance their learning outside of the classroom and have some fun at the same time! (And of course, not breaking the schools budget)



Try our Carnival Dance Workshops and learn formation choreography and even perform your newly learnt skill as a whole school.

Chinese New Year

You might have thought about hosting a Chinese New Year event in your school, take a look at our Chinese Dance Workshop to add to the day.


Celebrate "The Festival of Light" and incorporate learning about Indian Dance including classical and the high energy Bollywood styles.

Saints Days

If your school are learning about patron Saints, you could include our UK Dance Workshop and try some folk & Morris dancing or traditional & Riverdance with our Irish Dance Workshop.

Continents & Countries


We can link our African Dance Workshop to learning about African animals with the help of a certain Lion or try out some African tribal dance.

Brazil & Rio

Our Carnival Dance Workshops are a great way to kick of your Rio or Brazil topic, and bring the excitement of Carnival to your school.


Our colourful and interactive Chinese Dance Workshop is a great way to start your China project, it can be used at any time of the year.

France & Spain

Add a twist and brighten your European Language Day with our French Dance Workshop or Flamenco Dance Workshop.


Add an extra layer of learning to your India topic with our Indian Dance Workshop, this upbeat workshop will energise your pupils.


Include The Hat dance as part of your Mexico project.

United Kingdom

Travel from Lands End to John O Groats with a wide selection of dance styles including Morris, Highland and Folk dancing.


We cover a wide selection of dance styles that can be linked to The USA, such as Line Dancing, Cheerleading or even our Street Dance Workshop.


Time Travel

Travel back in time with our History Dance Workshop and sample a selection of dance styles including the Medieval period, The Romans, The Victorians and The Tudors.
We can also include ancient Greece and Egypt, also The Mayans and Kings and Queens.

Fire of London

Your pupils will be transported back to Pudding Lane, London in 1666.
This workshop includes drama, along with dance, to captivate their imaginations.

20th Century

Our Decades Dance Workshop is a brilliant way to explore dance styles from the 1900s, from The Charleston to Disco, we cover them all.

World War

During our workshop we explore the dance styles from WW1 and WW2, when music and dance was used to boost moral and keep spirits high. Dances include Swing, Jitterbug and The Lindy-Hop.

Term Topics

Creative Dance

We have include number of topics including Animals, Landscapes - Mountains, Rivers, & Volcanoes, Our Body & Growth, Pirates, Plants & The Seasons, The Rainforest, The Seaside and Nursery Rhymes & Traditional Tales in our Creative Dance Workshop.
This workshop builds on movement, drama and dance.

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