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Are you looking to launch a topic with a hook day? Looking for ideas on school workshops and how they can help enrich learning? Then our school workshops will help.

We've been providing educational workshops for schools since 2013 and the number of schools who use our in school workshops is increasing with many having Dance Days back every year or term.
Our workshops are flexible, you could have a whole day of 1 theme or you can pick n mix various topics and styles to build the ideal Dance Day.

Indian Dance Workshop
Chinese Dance Workshop
Carnival Dance Workshop
Flamenco Dance Workshop

When can our school workshops be used?

  • Hook Days
  • Topic Launches
  • Themed Days/Weeks
  • International Days/Weeks
  • Multicultural Days/Weeks
  • Healthy Weeks
  • Arts Weeks
  • Wellbeing Weeks
  • Sports Weeks
  • Holiday Activities & Summer Clubs

You can take a look at our events calendar which might give you some ideas.

Events Calendar

What topics do our workshops for schools cover?

  • Celebrations
  • Faiths
  • Continents & Countries
  • History
  • Term Projects
  • Term Topics
  • World Events

Over 30 different styles. You can our full list of workshop styles and themes.

Our curriculum topics page might also help.

Styles & Themes

Here are 5 reasons why a Dance Days Workshop would benefit your pupils and school:

Every age group and ability can take part in our non-contact dance workshops.

Helping with physical education in a non-traditional way and boosting wellbeing.

Boost pupils' confidence and engagement outside of the classroom.

We are rated 4.92 out of 5 by teachers in your area, many of them using us each term.

We offer a cost-effective workshop!

We choose not to have large admin teams and offices, so we pass those savings on to you.

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