D Day

D Day

Learn about The D Day Landing by taking part in a enjoyable historic dance workshop! 6th June.

When is
D Day
June 2023

Take part in our D Day Dance Workshop and learn about World War 2 and life in the 1940's using fast facts. The workshop showcases the music and dance styles of the 1940's and gives an insight into wartime life. The children will have so much fun dancing their way through the wartime that they wont realise that they are learning about this major part of British history.

This workshop is an excellent choice to compliment the teaching of World War 2 and could even be incorporated with a wartime themed none uniform day for ultimate realism. The children will have fun dancing through the wartimes and learning different dance moves from the genres of that time, such as Swing or Jive.

The focus of this workshop is around World War 2 and the music and dance of this era.

Whilst D-Day is the 6th June, this workshop can be booked throughout the year to accommodate your learning schedule.