Summer Schools

Summer Schools

Transition Summer Schools & Summer School Activities
Dance Days are here to help with your summer schools for students moving up to Year 7. Our inspiring dance workshops enrich your students educational experiences, keep them engaged and proud of what they have learnt.

Transition Summer Schools

We give you the flexibility to build your own Dance Day, with over 30 dance styles to choose from you can create a flexible timetable with a blend of styles with the delivery tailored to this age group.
Our popular dance styles for this age group include Street dance, Musicals, Bollywood & Carnival.

Our sessions will help boost wellbeing, confidence, improve on team building and a chance to make new friends along with the chance to try something new and challenge themselves.

We are happy to lead our workshops in a school hall or large classroom, or even outside (if it's dry) and we can work with up to 30 students per session, with this helping to maximise the DfE funding available.

You can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page.
Some of our dance styles