Off-Timetable Activities - Off-Timetable Ideas

Off-Timetable Activities - Off-Timetable Ideas

EYFS, KS1, KS2, KS3 & KS4 Off Timetable Activities
Are you looking for some off timetable activities for your school?

Do you want to provide some fun and interactive off timetable activities across the whole school?

School Off-Timetable Activities and Ideas

Do something different during your off-timetable day or week, and boost wellbeing, cultural awareness and have fun during our educational dance workshops for schools.

Our dance workshops link to many school topics, but we also provide off topic dance workshops

You can pick and mix our dance workshop to build your very only dance day, some of our off topic styles and themes include Musicals dance workshops, Street and Hip Hop, Flash mobs or why not include some of our decades dance workshops.
Get in touch with us and we can help build your off-timetable day.
Some of our dance styles