Year 6 Leavers Ideas

Updated :
February 2021

Here are some year 6 leavers ideas and activities. We can help celebrate your year 6 leavers, with it being such a special time for them as they move on and grow.

Year 6 Leavers - Activities & Ideas

Are you looking to host a year 6 leavers assembly or celebration event, but you want to include some fun and interactive ideas and activities, something different, then read on...

Year 6 Leavers Celebration:

Let us help you celebrate your year 6's, and let them shine with an uplifting dance workshop, we will tailor the day to your needs and have several ideas that will add to your leaving party.

You could include a musicals flash mob, take over the playground or sports field. Everyone love the music from The Greatest Showman, and we'll work with your children to build their own interpretation of the choreography to deliver a stage stopping sceptical! We have lots of different musicals to choose from, and we are open to other ideas too.

Or celebrate their time with you, as we travel back in time with our decades dance workshop, you could include some disco moves or go back even further or use styles from the 1990's and try out some energetic Street dance.

Why not focus on travel, as your year 6's move forward, encourage them to think about other cultures and dance across the world with our international and multicultural dance workshop.

If you would like more information on how we can help with your year 6 leavers event or would like to book our dance workshop for your school, you can visit our contact us page.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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