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October 2019

Welcome to the brand new Dance Days blog! Over the next few months, we will start to publish more information about our dance workshops and hints and tips, so you get the most out of them.

Welcome to our new Dance Days blog!

We created Dance Days over 5 years ago, we started small, and each year we have been fortunate to work with more and more schools, one thing that we have never got around to, was setting up a blog, so here goes...

We wanted to start a blog for Dance Days for a number of reasons

1, Being able to give you more information about some of the dance workshops we provide and the types of work we get involved in, without overloading the information already available on the website.

2, Giving you some handy hints and tips so you and your school can get the most out of our dance workshops.

3, Any news or updates as they happen, including any new workshops we develop.

We have committed to updating the blog on a regular basis, and this should be at least once a month.  We have already planned in some topics such as "choosing your dance workshop", "preparing for your dance workshop", "sports premium" and many more.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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