Choosing Your Dance Workshop

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October 2022

How to pick the right dance workshop for your school.

Choosing the right dance workshop for your school.

We aim to work around the needs of your school and pupils, with their learning and development as our primary focus, while having some fun along the way.  We have worked with many schools since we opened back in 2013, from small village schools to 4 form entry inner city schools and understand that each is different.

Key Stage Groups and Session Durations

We cover EYFS through to Secondary, and we find that EYFS cope best with shorter sessions lasting a maximum of 30 minutes. We tailor the workshop to match each stage of development, and depending on the topic we include a brief powerpoint presentation containing fast facts, pictures and videos.

KS1 and KS2 generally can handle increased choreography, partner work and more extended sessions, lasting between 45 minutes to an hour.

The choreography would also increase when teaching KS3 and KS4 with the session duration remaining at an hour.

With each session, we ask that no more than 30 pupils attend and where possible, supported by a TA or teacher.

We have some booking options available; these start from a half day (either a morning or afternoon), or a full day.  We can usually cover the whole school (if a single year entry) in a full day workshop, of course, you can have as many days or dance teachers as you like, and if you are booking more than 1, we offer a multi-booking discount.

Dance Workshop Styles and Topics

We offer over 25 different styles of workshops that link with many school topics such as Chinese New Year, World Book Day, Commonwealth, and countries such as Spain and Brazil. A full list of the styles we cover can be found here - Dance Workshops for Schools.

We have also been asked to cover topics that don’t fall under our regular dance styles list; they include Fire of London, Water, Volcanoes and more recently Penguins.

Comments from KS2 - Penguin Dance Workshop

Penguin Dance Workshop with Darren On Monday and Tuesday each class took place in a workshop to create penguin-themed dances. In the final session, each class performed their dance to the rest of the school. Here are some comments from some of our Key Stage 2 children about their experiences: 

I think it was good to dance with a partner because one was the adult Emperor Penguin and the other was the baby. I was the baby and wanted to waddle off but I had to follow my parent in the dance! By Jessica (Year 3) 

I liked when the adult penguin shows the baby how to do the spin and the baby penguin tries, falls over and then the daddy penguin helps it up again. By Harry J (Year 3) 

I really enjoyed doing the dance because it was more fun doing it individually as you can choose your own style and it was very different from any dance we have done before. By Owen J (Year 5)

If your pupils are covering a topic and you would like to see if we can link physical exercise or dance to this, drop us a note here - Contact Us.

We also provide an option to pick n mix our dance workshops, this means you don't have to stick to one style of dance for the whole day, this works exceptionally well if you are having an international or multicultural day or week, think of it, as around in the world in dance.

If you have any questions about how we can help your school with physical exercise through dance, get in touch here - Contact Us.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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