Olympic Workshops for Schools

Updated :
August 2021

With only months to go, now is the best time to start thinking about your Olympic workshop! Why not include an opening ceremony before your pupils explore dances from their chosen countries and celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

2020 Tokyo Olympic Workshops

Our Olympic workshop is a great way to kick off the Olympic celebrations and bring a multicultural day to your school, we tailor the delivery of the sessions so they are suitable for EYFS right through to KS4.

What's included in our Olympic Workshop:

We start the day with an optional opening ceremony including flags and a short video presentation, we then work with up to 7 sessions throughout the day with each session focusing on a dance from their chosen country.

During the enquiry and booking stage, we will discuss which countries you would like to include in your day. You can find our more about our Olympic Workshop here.

After the classes have learnt their dances, you can all come together in an optional closing ceremony and share their dances with the rest of the school.

If you would like more information on how we can help with The Olympics for your school, you can visit our contact us page.

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