National Spanish Day Ideas

Updated :
September 2020

Celebrate National Spanish Day (or Fiesta Nacional de España as it's known in Spain) with a Spain themed day. National Spanish Day Ideas for your school and ways to enrich your Spain themed day with movement and dance from Spain.

National Spanish Day Ideas

National Spanish Day takes place during October, annually. Our Flamenco dance workshops are a great way to incorporate some physical activity as part of your Spanish themed day, and of course, bringing lots of fun and learning outside of the classroom.

Flamenco & Spanish Dance Workshops for Schools
Flamenco and Spanish Dance Workshops for Schools

About our Flamenco and Spanish Dance Workshop for Schools

We will take you on a tour of Spain through dance and music, exploring different styles of dance from Spain, including Flamenco and folk dance. Each session can include some fact finding about Spain to reinforce what you are learning about in class. We have been involved with many schools who create a whole event around their Spanish themed day, with teachers and children dressing up, tasting different foods and trying out their Spanish.

As with all of our workshops, we will tweak the delivery of the session to the age and ability of the group we are teaching.

If you think our Flamenco Dance Workshop will help your school bring National Spanish Day or your Spain themed day to life and would like more information you can either visit the links in this blog or pop over to our contact us page.

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