Getting Ready To Dance

Updated :
October 2019

Things you need to know leading up to your dance workshop.

Preparing for your school dance workshop.

So, we have helped you choose the right dance workshop(s) for your school, we have spoken on the phone or by email and confirmed the date and dance workshops. So what happens now?

Booking Confirmation

Once you have confirmed your dance workshops(s) by phone or email, we will start to book your details into our system. This will generate a booking confirmation email, look out for it in your inbox. (Some school security systems may place this in your junk folder, so double check in there too)

Inbox View - Booking Confirmation
Inbox View - Booking Confirmation
 Booking Confirmation Email
Booking Confirmation Email

As you can see from the example above, the booking confirmation email will contain a summary of your booking details including the chosen dance workshop style, date and start time. It also includes some information about what happens next.

You will need to complete our school form. In the example above we have covered up the web address and password that you will need to access this part of our website (shhh it's a secret), over the coming months we will add more information and resources for you that can be used before and after your dance workshop.

The booking confirmation also includes details on when we send you the invoice, and when you need to supply your timetable for the day. As well as containing our Facebook and Twitter details.

That's it until a week before your dance workshop, but we've pulled together a checklist so you don't forget anything

Dance Days Checklist
Dance Days Checklist

Getting your pupils ready

Many schools include our dance workshops as part of a topic they are learning about; for example Chinese New Year or a country.  

Some simple ideas to help bring your pupils learning to life could include dressing in the country colours for the day, making Chinese fans, or painting the country flag.

We also get asked about the footwear they should use during the dance workshop, we suggest either plimsolls or bear feet, they can wear their PE kit or their country colours.

Booking Reminder

During the week before your dance workshop, you will receive a booking reminder from us.  This includes the summary of our day (as the booking confirmation) and some extra bits of information.

Inbox View - Booking Confirmation Reminder
Inbox View - Booking Confirmation Reminder
Booking Confirmation Reminder
Booking Confirmation Reminder

The reminder email includes an email address that you can send any pictures or video of your day to and where possible, we will use on our website.

This also includes details about a follow-up email you will receive from a company called Reviews (again, due to some schools security systems this may go to your junk folder), this should be on the day of your workshop. 

We have partnered with Reviews to collect feedback from teachers, and this helps other teachers who haven't used Dance Days before finding out more about us a company and what teachers and pupils feel about our dance workshops. We have been blown away by the positive feedback and 5* reviews so far.

We hope this helps you with the lead up to you dance workshop, but as always, if you have any questions, get in touch here - Contact Us

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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