Black History Month Workshops

Updated :
August 2021

Black history month workshops for schools are a great way to kick off, celebrate or end your Black History Month topic and learning. Our Black history month workshops add a twist to the standard classroom learning, help keep children active, having fun, and boost wellbeing.

Black History Month workshops for schools

Black History Month takes place during October, annually. Our workshops are a great extension to classroom learning of the subject, but help with PE too.

About our Black History Month Workshop for Schools

Our workshops will explore a number of traditional and modern African dance styles, in a high energy and inclusive workshop. During your Black History Month Workshop we take your pupils on a tour of Africa and sample various styles of dance from many different cultures.

The delivery of the workshop will be adapted any ability level and key stage group and the steps and pace within the choreography increasing with the years.

If you think our Black History Month Workshops will help your school bring your topic to life and would like more information you can either visit the links in this blog or pop over to our contact us page.

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