Diwali Workshops for Schools

Updated :
September 2023

How our Diwali dance workshop for schools can help bring your topic to life, enhance your pupil's learning while keeping fit and having fun. Learn Indian dances along with upbeat music to turn your Diwali day into a real celebration.

Diwali dance workshops for schools

With Diwali taking place annually, normally in October or November (12th November 2023) it's a great time to link our workshop with your school topic.

Diwali symbolises good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and light over darkness.

The celebration can last up to 5 days for "The Festival of Lights" during this period homes, offices and building would traditionally be covered in lights. The celebration also includes firework displays and lots of family time and feasts.

About our Diwali Dance Workshop for Schools

We bring a taste of India to your school day with our Diwali dance workshop, this is a high energy workshop and your pupils will learn various styles of dance including traditional Indian dance and the more modern Bollywood styles.

Our dancer will visit your school in traditional Indian attire, and we can kick start the session with an optional power point presentation along with an introduction to the workshop, it will include a number of routines accompanied by Indian music and Bollywood tracks.

The delivery of the workshop will be adapted to the key stage group and ability, with the pace and steps within the choreography increasing with the years.

Some schools we have worked with have really gone to town, and all of the pupils and staff have been dressed in sarees or a kurta to really add to their workshop!

If you think our Diwali dance workshop for schools will help bring your topic to life and would like more information you can either visit the links in this blog or pop over to our contact us page.

Thanks for reading, until next time.

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